About B&L

Here at Sustaining Dunbar we want local people to make use of the things that we have, whether it is to save money, to try something out before buying it or to save space by not-having occasional use items cluttering up your hallway or shed.

We’ve got some unusual things like our bike trailers or a folding bike to try out, or an adult off-road wheel-chair/buggy which can be used for an adventure out.

You need to sign up as a member¬†(which is FREE) then get in touch to arrange to pick up the item you’d like to try. Community groups can also join in.

Then you just have to confirm you know how to use it the equipment, and agree a date to return it. We expect most items will be borrowed for around one week, but longer periods can be arranged. Insurance is included.

Please note that we don’t currently have an office or any staff so some items are in storage and may not be available at present.